Twitch Stream Showcase: GonzoLUL

I can honestly say that the GonzoLUL Twitch stream is right now in one of those very rare and fleeting moments. With its current number of followers just below 200 (it’s 199 at the moment of writing thing article), it might seem like any other slowly-growing channels. It’s nothing of the sorts. In fact, I have a feeling that GonzoLUL is weeks, mostly months away from really breaking out and exchanging a three-digit follower number with four digits. I believe in this on the count of two things, and both of them have to do with the content creator behind this channel.

Firstly, the man has a voice quality that could easily be on a nationally syndicated radio show. Deep and clear, with awesome diction, he could pass for a trained actor or media presenter. Listening to him is a joy to the ears, especially in the age when so many streamers seem capture their crackling voices on Nokia phones from the mid-2000s. Secondly, the man is funny. His brand of humor is dry and deadpan to the max, which is something I approve of in any walk of life, but especially gaming. Furthermore, he infuses the same humor into all of his gaming content, as you can see on his YouTube channel as well.

As for his actual gaming choices, GonzoLUL has a very diverse taste. He plays a lot if the musical rhythm game osu! but has plenty other content as well. It includes PUBG, Resident Evil 7 biohazard, Dishonored 2, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege. He also plays smaller games like Little Nightmares or The Evil Within. Clearly, his gaming taste is not just diverse but also expanding, as osu! clearly shows.

If you appreciate a excellent voice and a man with a great sense of humor behind it, join his gaming community on Discord. But, before you do, check out his GonzoLUL Twitch channel and make those four digits come true as soon as possible.