Twitch Stream Showcase: bjorn_sv

The bjorn_sv Twitch stream belongs to a gamer that comes from Iceland. Now, as someone who also comes from a small country, I’m always hesitant to think about any place in terms of its most commonly-known stereotypes. But, in the case of this 19-year-old gaming content creator, watching his streams really does show me a glimpse into a group of minds that were very much (I think) influenced by their home country - what’s more, the content they make is both unique and really, really great!

You can see this in a stream where bjorn_sv and one of his buddies talk about Facebook friends of a mutual acquaintance. There, they mention that this person has 250 Facebook friends, but that they know for a fact that they only have a combined number of seven. The friend continues that in his case, the number of actual friends is three, counting his parents.

Now, I know that many streamers try to be funny, but the brilliant thing about bjorn_sv, his best friend Eyði, and their crew is the fact that they are not even trying, but they still end up being hilarious. Currently, his channel features games like Stardew Valley, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, For Honor, Subnautica, and Fortnite. However, his favorite game is CS:GO and you can check out some streams where he plays with his friends, all the while goofing around like there’s no tomorrow. You have to be at least a little bit engaged by all of this from the first moment you hear them having fun.

In so many ways, this stream showcases the best side of bonding with gamers that might be on the other side of the globe, but still make literally laugh-out-loud content. Find the best clips from this merry band of gamers on their YouTube channel and follow bjorn_sv Twitch for additional fun and funny gaming action from the awesomely weird and endlessly cool Iceland.