Twitch Stream Showcase: Alex_Toasty

Alex_Toasty Twitch stream belongs to a new content creator, but one that’s all-in when it comes to Apex Legends. However, while he might be fresh to the platform, his FPS skills are definitely not new. Similarly, he might have a laid-back and calm style of streaming, but he and his friends mean Apex business for sure. The shooter action in his streams easily catches your attention and if you’re a fan of the game, the same effect will be even more pronounced. This is one of the reasons why this relatively recently made Twitch stream already has close to 250 followers.

Apart from streaming, Alex_Toasty has other interests and that he’s a hands-on man, as his YouTube channel shows. At the same time, his gaming setup, including his mic and headphones, point that he is really serious about gaming. That's why it's no wonder that he has a clear schedule - he streams every night at 8 PM EST.

If you like Apex Legends and want to check out a gamer that’s bound to be a rising star in its community, check out his Instagram and of course, start following Alex_Toasty Twitch channel right now!