Twitch Stream Showcase: AimOnPointUE

AimOnPointUE Twitch stream is a great example of a path that is not so often seen these days in the gaming community. Here’s why - its owner was an established and skilled gamer, mainly in the FPS domain long time ago. But, the same gamer only recently decided to venture into gaming content creation and show those FPS skills to the wider audience, all the while growing a community that is both new and well-established. AimOnPointUE has been active in the shooter scene for years. Number one player in Canada in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 multiplayer at one point, the same streamer is now into Apex Legends, as well as keeping up with the previously mentioned CoD title.

The AimOnPointUE Twitch presence is only a couple of weeks old, but it already has some really cool short clips of the action that awaits its future followers. Even now, AimOnPointUE has over 100 well-known players in the channel’s circle, but there are also big plans for the future. More precisely, one for building an even bigger community around past and future Call of Duty titles. Here, AimOnPointUE is looking to attract dedicated FPS games - judging by the shooter chops this streamer has, this will not be a problem.

I love the fact that this gamer is clearly focused on not just a genre, but also on a clear set of games, just as much as I love that he played seriously long before this channel came about. In fact, the first big stream will kick off really soon! If you too think these are cool things for a gaming streamer to have, follow AimOnPointUE Twitch channel right now.