Twitch Stream Showcase: Abacrust

The Abacrust Twitch stream belongs to a gaming content creator that is fast becoming a rare breed - an honest, down-to-Earth gamer who just wants to share the fun of playing. His name is Juan and he sees himself as a variety streamer, showcasing both the good and the bad from the gaming world. Unlike so many streamers, Juan is not forcing himself into any kind of alter-ego for the sake of attracting new viewers by any means. Instead, he just plays the games he loves and tries his best to entertain those who watch him. This is why his channel has gems like these:

Here, Juan is cool with showing a moment when he made a silly blunder, which really is entertaining to watch. Apart from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you can see retro titles on his channel and Resident Evil 4, while there are plenty of other things coming as well.

If Juan sounds like a gamer you’d like to check out, follow him on Twitter or get in touch on his Discord server. But, most importantly, give his Abacrust Twitch channel a look and maybe even a follow!