Power Hover: Cruise Review

There’s one strong provider of that good feeling when you’re enjoying Power Hover: Cruise and it lies in the fact that the game glides while you play it. This racing Android game is the pinnacle of effortless and smooth gliding, both inside of the game and out of it. The menus and the whole user experience is easy on the eyes, very polished and clear to understand.

The same goes for the game itself. Power Hover: Cruise is about racing with your character (you start off with a droid on a hovering snowboard, but you'll get plenty more along the way) through an endless tunnel full of procedurally generated obstacles. These are challenging as hell and the players can only move left and right.

But, the movement of the camera, which tilts, moves to the side or gets hooked to the character back from a really low angle, offers that dreamlike setup where again, everything just glides. The crashes come naturally and starting over feels just fine and really low on any kind of frustrating feeling. Without much force, the title beckons the player to try and try again.

Essentially, as the game design textbooks say, the game feel is everything and this game has it nailed down like nothing. No fan of Android racing titles should miss out on this one.


Silky smooth and appealing as hell. Download Power Hover: Cruise right now on Google Play!