Pokémon Sleep - All you need to Know

The Pokémon games are huge, so it’s not weird that people behind them think outside of the box - Pokémon Sleep is the perfect example. For some, the whole idea of using actual sleep patterns in a video game is not just crazy, but also scary. A gaming app/standalone device that records your sleep pattern and uses it inside of a game?

It sounds like something from a dystopian story. Yet, in many ways, it makes perfect sense. Although it is doubtful it will get the results of the smash hit and global pop phenomena Pokémon Go, the game still has a good shot of changing the gaming industry at least a bit. Here is everything you need to know about the Pokémon Sleep game.

How Pokémon Sleep Works?

The Pokémon Company explained that Pokémon Sleep will come as an app that tracks players sleep habits. This includes the amount of time they spend sleeping and the time of day when they wake up. This information is then used in the game they play in some shape and form. Also, the app does not work on its own but comes with a small external device (looking like a flattened Pokémon ball called Pokémon Go Plus +) that actually records the data and sends it to a smartphone. There, the data is used by the main gaming app. The pitch for the setup is clear - turn sleep into entertainment.

What will the Pokémon Sleep Game look like?

Currently, we can only guess and there’s no information about its gameplay or genre, apart from being in the Pokémon universe. However, the best guess is to use Pokémon Go as a reference point. This means that the game will be either free-to-play or use the Pokémon Go Plus + as a means of monetizing. This would include the players buying the device as a form of buying a premium game. The most likely option is a hybrid possibility of these two alternatives. As for the mechanic, well, it has to do something with catching and training Pokémon to be used in battles, right?

When will Pokémon Sleep get its Launch?

At the time of writing this article (the end of May 2019, to be more precise), there is no precise launch date. The only thing that the company did reveal is that the app and the Pokémon Go Plus + are expected (presumably the app and the external device will come out at the same time), somewhere in 2020.