Odd and Mysterious: Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is going Mobile?

Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, a F2P RPG action game by Ubisoft made quite a splash a few years ago. The splash, however, did not last that long and today, the title is as good as dead and buried - all of its operations ended in 2015. But, in the tradition of many great & greedy AAA studio moves, Ubisoft is taking the game to mobile!

Mighty Quest for Epic Loot comes out on July 9

Yes, the game will launch on mobile in July and first appear on Google Play. There, the players will get a chance to both hack and slash, and deal plenty of magic damage across the levels. In the mobile version, there will be no castle building. Instead, only the action RPG gameplay will remain - in short, the creators want to dumb down the successful initial concept. The same dumbing-down will also include a PvP mode, which was kind of the point in the original game.

This news shows that you’re never too big to use up some old assets and gaming mechanisms. If you’re for some reason interested in the Mighty Quest for Epic Loot for mobile, check out its Google Play pre-registration page.