Odd and Mysterious: Grimvalor (Beta)

The premium apk Grimvalor has just entered its open beta phase as an unreleased game on Google Play. There’s plenty of interest behind this title by Direlight studio and possibly, it's all for good reason. But all of that can be summed in one other title - the Dark Souls series.

Is Grimvalor a Dark Souls game on Android?

This is the key question and right now, there’s not enough info to really gauge the answer. Grimvalor is a side-scrolling platformer that aims to capture the essence of Dark Souls games, only on a mobile device. The game is set in a dark fantasy world and features a quest of a noble warrior against… yeah, you know the drill. The app is set in a 2D levels (no depth) but feels very 3D with its fully rendered characters, enemies and so forth.

The game is a premium app with a single unlock purchase which was designed for mobile devices. It should also have skill-based combat and an action RPG leaning, including going full hack and slash. The game's video and other promo material showcase a lot of big enemies, which is probably where the comparison with Dark Souls comes from - you’ll have to dodge and attack carefully in these boss-like duels.

Currently, you can play the game’s first act for free and the rest will come as a single in-app purchase. These will be five acts in the game as a whole, likely longer than the first one, which is two hours of game time.

It’s hard to say whether or not Grimvalor is the mobile Dark Souls, but do check out its demo two hours right here on Google Play.