Hot on Android: Kingdom Rush Vengeance: Frozen Nightmare Expansion

Kingdom Rush, in my view at least, is one of the best tower defense games that ever appeared on Android. In fact, it's so good that even its direct clones, like Empire Warriors TD, are more than solid games in their own right. Now, years after its release, there's a new expansion and if you're into this genre, this should get your attention immediately.

The Frozen Nightmare Expansion

The expansion takes the game to the frozen wastelands where the players will have to go into a war with the Ice Queen. Like it usually occurs, she awoke after a 1000 years under the ice, ready for destruction and mayhem.

It's your role to stop that plan dead and cold in its tracks. The expansion promises a bunch of new enemies, but also loads of new tower upgrades to counter them. Naturally, it all looks fun as hell!

The game and its expansion are available right now for $4.99. If this sounds like a good deal to you, check out Kingdom Rush Vengeance: Frozen Nightmare Expansion on Google Play.