Hot on Android: Kingdom: New Lands is 58% off!

If you like survival games and pixel art, you're going to love this! Kingdom: New Lands, an interesting and gorgeous take on the survival genre is currently on a major discount on Google Play. Here's why you should consider getting it.

Kingdom: New Lands - A New Survival Twist

Most Android survival games, especially new ones, follow a predefined free-to-play formula when it comes to game mechanics. In this game, things couldn't be more different. The game is a port of a PC title that is sold for $14.99 and it features a ruler who has to rebuild their kingdom from nothing and do it in completely new lands. The game features a player character, who rides on a horse through a diverse and unfamiliar landscape, looking for recruits and building their infrastructure.

At night, the fledgling kingdom comes under attack from the legions of the undead. So, basically, the game is a strategy title that has taken the form of a regular survival mobile game. This is a smart decision and clearly, many like it - the game has a 4.4 score based on over 2,100 reviews. Also, the regular price of the app is almost $10 which is not a small sum for an Android game.

Check out Kingdom: New Lands right now on Google Play and maybe you can get it with this cool discount.