Hot on Android: Ailment

Ailment is a new Android roguelike action game that just recently hit the market (both this OS and the iOS one) and it seems more than interesting. The game sets the players on board of a huge spaceship, where the main character wakes up after three days of unconsciousness.

Naturally, nothing good happens when you wake up on a spaceship with no memory and surrounded by dead bodies. In that setup, the only logical thing is to arm yourself and head out among the eerie bulkheads and creepy research labs of the same ship to figure out what happened (and kill space zombies/aliens/rogue AIs along the way).

Ailment - Pixel Art and a Strong Story

The Ailment art style is pixel-based, so the game has a bit of that vintage feel to it and looks really nice. As for the gameplay, the title includes a typical roguelike environment, along with the possibility of teaming up with NPCs. It’s also commendable that the game tries to use its narrative elements, so there are dialogues and a process of gradual uncovering of the story behind the player ending up in this situation.

If you’re into roguelike games, Ailment is free and you should check it out on Google Play.