Awesome YouTube Channel: TvTex Plays

If you want to see a case of huge gaming injustice, you should look no further than the TvTex Plays YouTube channel. It is run by an Aussie gaming and comedy content creator who has some really great videos, but at the same time, substantially lower subs and view numbers than he deserves. It’s time to make this injustice right once and for all, and allow TvTex to get the exposure he more than deserves.

First of all, any Fortnite gaming fan should take notice immediately. The TvTex Plays channel is full of great clips of varied length, all placed in this huge gaming franchise. But, TvTex enjoys many other titles as well, including Overwatch, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Warframe. I’m sure this is only a small part of his gaming interest. But, along with gaming, TvTex also does skits and comedy clips, showing a flair for humor that is always a great thing to see on YouTube, no matter the context. It is more than refreshing to watch him goofing around as he does a range of almost daily comedy videos.

If you want to be a part of a growing crowd of gamers who want to set one injustice set right, subscribe TvTex Plays channel right now!