Awesome Gaming Video: [ Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege ] #10 A TOXIC MAV MAIN

You know that a gaming video is more than promising when its author, at one point near the beginning of the clip, states the following:

“Yes, the toxicity is real here!”

Now, some might not find this funny, but for me, it’s an awesome start to a really hilarious video set in the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It’s made by FrankNsteinGtr aka Frank, a gamer who’s - let’s call it "unique" perspective - will be enjoyed by all those who don’t want another vanilla FPS gaming video.

Instead of that, Frank decided to make a video where he plays as Maverick aka Mav and uses his blowtorch to, basically, imitate other players. Now, this is not precisely Leonardo da Vinci-level of ingenuity, I know, but the result is still a 20-minute gaming video with some really despicable funny moments.

If you’re a gamer or viewer who can get behind some well-meaning (kind of) toxicity, as Frank calls it, then do check out the video below and sub to FrankNsteinGtr channel!