Awesome Comedy Video: Planning A Bank Robbery.....In the Marvel Universe

Getting around in the superhero universe as a regular person has been a staple of sketch comedy for decades now and recently, a gaming and comedy YouTube content creator RenascenceMarq delved into the same waters. In this one-man-multiple-characters video, he acts as a group of human bank robbers trying to hit one target in the Marvel universe. This might seem simple enough, but it quickly breaks into a range of issues. After all, there's a bank in Hell's Kitchen which has Daredevil, there's one bank near Midtown High but it has Spiderman, and Park Avenue... Well, it's even worse around there.

As the clip unravels, so do the jokes multiply and RenascenceMarq does a bang up job on both the acting level, but even more when it comes to writing - there are some serious and numerous Marvel references in this three-minute sketch. Check out the video below and don’t forget to follow this content creator on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as the Instagram Collective Page for his crew.