Android Gaming News Flash: Minecraft Earth is going to be an AR game!

As of recently, Minecraft is a 10-year-old (like most of its fans, pun intended) so the developers at Microsoft decided it's time to expand its franchise. The new title is still in development but it's going to be based on a huge gaming tech that is still not living up to its potential (apart from Pokemon Go!) - augmented reality or AR.

AR Game in Minecraft Setting

The game will take place in the real world where the players will be able to use the visual elements they find there to build alone or with their friends. Players will be able to collect creatures, including chickens, cows, and ducks, but also do this with other elements, including entire buildings. Of course, the focus of the game will continue to be the process of building, so it is not going to be any kind of genre spin-off in that sense. Still, there’s going to be some action in it, as the promo poster shows.

Naturally, Microsoft can't ignore the monetization power of collecting things, so there's going to be plenty of that as well and I'm betting not just for cows and ducks. Also, the game is likely going to promote itself (it's already doing just this) as very family friendly.

If you want to learn more and keep up with its development, check out the official Minecraft Earth website!