Android Gaming News Flash: League of Legends is coming to Android!

This is a piece of news all LoL and MOBA fans have been waiting for some time now. Riot Games, supported by Tencent, is officially creating a mobile version of League of Legends. LoL is undeniably one of the biggest games in the world, as well as an enormous esports ecosystem, so a mobile version is a big news as well, even though right now, the details are a bit scarce.

How will LoL look and play on Android?

Right now, most presume that the mobile LoL version will be identical to the PC one, with the addition of modified UI and control setup. After all, Tencent bought two big IPs to mobile platforms - Call of Duty and PUBG - and both kept the original gameplay feel as much as possible.

Of course, if someone has the experience to pull this off, it's Tencent. Even now, it has one of the most popular MOBA mobile titles in the world, Honour of Kings, which is dominant in Asia. It's western version, Arena of Valour, never really picked up steam as much as Tencent wanted. So, it looks like it's going to be back to the drawing board with the League of Legends release.

Currently, there's no info on when the mobile LoL version could get released, but Q4 in 2019 or Q1 in 2020 seem like the earliest feasible slots.