YouTube Channel Showcase: FxZ_Hype

The FxZ_Hype YouTube channel is a place that is all-in when it comes to making videos for gamers. The channel’s creator, a young gamer by the name of Alex has a simple plan for achieving YouTube fame - creating a lot of versatile content that gamers of all types regularly enjoy. While Alex might be relatively new to the YouTube ecosystem as a content creator, he clearly already has the chops for making it on the platform. His sub count is well over 550, which is an impressive feat for a channel that’s only a year old.

The primary focus of Alex the gamer is Minecraft. He makes Minecraft gaming video and uploads them once or twice every other week. However, he streams his content on a daily basis, which is a very smart mix of pre-produced material and live streams. Aside from gaming, he is also ready to branch out into other titles and enjoy/explore them along with his fans.

On that note, Alex is very much interested in building his community. He runs his Discord server and is always ready to interact with his fans. In fact, he sees himself as a YouTuber anyone would want to be friends with and this is a cool way to approach community building. Again, his subscriber count shows that he is not missing this mark.

Yet, aside from the gaming streams and videos, Alex is also about challenges, funny skits, collaborations with other YouTubers and most importantly for me at least, movie reviews. This is a good way for all YouTubers to generate interest in their content. In fact, his recent video on the Avengers Endgame Ending Scene Reaction is already generating a solid view count and will likely continue to do so in the coming months.

If you too enjoy a range of gaming-related content and Minecraft in particular, follow Alex on his Twitter account for all updates. But, more importantly, subscribe to the FxZ_Hype YouTube channel right now!