YouTube Channel Showcase: Gamer Joob

When you discover the Gamer Joob YouTube channel, you’ll probably be struck, like me, with the sheer diversity of its content. When it comes to different forms of gaming videos, this channel has it all - let’s plays, franchise analysis and in-depth reviews of individual titles, all with that recognizable Down Under twist to it all. It also features two in-channel running series - Let's Relax with Jade and Let's Try with Nick.

The channel is relatively new, but it still managed to rack up over 450 subscribers and I’m betting there’s a lot more to come. The main reason why I think this is the fact that its creators have the capacity to cover both major gaming content approaches - they can be fun and goofy, but also provide real information that has been clearly thoroughly researched. Just check out this revisit of the Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and you’ll immediately see that the Gamer Joob crew know their stuff.

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