Twitch Stream Showcase: zytoe

Zytoe is a full-time competitive Rainbow Six player and Twitch streamer. You don't need to spend a lot of time on his channel to see that he is going places. First of all, there is the technical part of his Twitch presence. This player and content creator has his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages all set up. Additionally, he has his own Discord server up and running as well.

His presence is still not that big, but when you count the fact that he started not that long ago, you can see that he’s covering his bases really well. In fact, anyone who is starting out and who wants to be noticed on Twitch should approach things just like Zytoe. But, in spite of his clearly organized nature, his gaming videos have a completely different vibe to them.

When it comes to his style of content creation, Zytoe is first and foremost a competitive player. When he encounters a problem, he focuses on it and finds a solution. When he chats and goofs around with his friends, he seems relaxed and like he's genuinely enjoying himself. Simply put, Zytoe acts and reacts naturally, not giving away the sense that he's playing an imaginary role he created for himself. In the world of so many alter-ego and avatar streamers, where content creators completely warp their own personality just to seem more engaging, being yourself is a very welcomed change.

Zytoe is focused on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege and here you can enjoy videos that showcase the full versatility of this challenging shooter game. Zytoe has been playing in a lot of tournaments as he's trying to become a professional competitor. These include G04's, ESL, and ESA, as well as the US nationals. As you watch this streamer and his friends play on a really high level, you can see that Rainbow Six provides a very different experience than most FPS titles. At the same time, you can also see him play games like CS:GO and Apex Legends.

You should check out Zytoe if you’re into (or interested) in Rainbow Six. Once there, be sure to follow Zytoe's Twitch channel because of the great gaming content you will continue to find there!