Twitch Stream Showcase: TTV_vinci

If you decide to check out the TTV_vinci Twitch stream, you’ll probably have the same first impression of this content creator as I did: he is driven. This channel is run by a gamer called Nick from the stunningly beautiful Honolulu in Hawaii. Nick might be only 23-years-old, but he’s already accumulated experiences that go well beyond his age. He works as a General Manager of the state’s number one Detail Shop, called Hawaii Auto Detail. His ambitions and motivation are seen in his professional plan - Nick wants to become owners of his own shop in the next two years.

The same mentality is reflected in his gaming content creation. Nick began his Twitch stream only a couple of weeks ago, but he already has over 150 followers but more importantly, he has a clear vision about his future content creation - he wants to get a Twitch Affiliate deal. It’s easy to see that no matter what he does, he gives it his best shot - you’d only need to check out his Instagram to see proof of this. Most people of his age can only download images of the cars he’s interacting with as a part of his everyday life.

However, what I find most important about Nick as a content creator is the fact that he wants to surround himself with the things he loves to do. His gaming is clearly one of those things. As a gamer from a young age, he blended right in into the whole streaming deal. Currently, Nick plays most Apex Legends. Here, in spite of his clearly ambitious and dynamic nature, he’s able to provide a very mellow and laid-back feel to his streams. Yet, he is also skillful and driven in each of his matches, showing that great blend of being an accomplished gamer who is at the same times friendly and easy-going.

I have little doubt that Nick is only starting his rise to fame in the Apex Legends streaming community, but also beyond it. If you want to see what the whole deal is about, check out TTV_vinci Twitch channel right now!