Twitch Stream Showcase: realacksman

There’s a sense of serious determination on the face of the game content creator behind the realacksman Twitch stream. He is new to the Twitch scene, just as he’s new to the YouTube gaming ecosystem. But, give his stream a few minutes and you’ll see that he’s not new to gaming or video creation. As a gamer, realacksman is mainly into shooters and MMOs. Right now, he’s slowly etching out a name for himself in the Apex Legends gaming community and if you check out his Highlights page you can see why. 

While gaming, realacksman is competitive to a point of being aggressive. I personally like that option in content creation - while some go for mellow, it’s refreshing to sometimes see something as dynamic and sharp as his content. Yet, he’s also in it for fun, which blends together in a really enjoyable content, especially if you’re into competitive shooters.

Follow him on his Twitter account and of course, don’t forget to check out his intense gaming action at realacksman Twitch channel!