Twitch Stream Showcase: picklemestupid

When you boil it down, art is almost always about being bold and different. In the case of picklemestupid Twitch stream, there will be more than enough of both of these factors. I’m pretty sure that many will be instantly turned away from this content, but that’s the reason I like it even more. Tony is the man behind this channel and he’s a painter and an artist who uses EEG to visualize brain activity with graphs. 

Also, he believes that when he’s really lucky, people find him funny. Lately he hit a rough patch and is now in dire need of funds, so he went all-in on his digital presence. He already has a personal website, as well as his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, but he also decided to branch out into gaming as well.

Tony’s gaming YouTube channel is already up, featuring Overwatch action and now the same is going to happen with his Twitch stream. On Friday, April 12, start at 7 pm PST he will enter a full broadcast mode. This is the same time frame when he will open about 200 loot boxes.

I’m sure Tony will have a completely different and bold take on Overwatch and gaming in general, so be sure to check out picklemestupid Twitch channel on coming Friday and see how games and art fuse together in this unique set up.


The first stream is up and you can check it out here!