Twitch Stream Showcase: nicknamenick

Check out nicknamenick Twitch stream and I bet that you'll immediately have a feeling that you met a cool guy. I say this because the man behind this channel, a gamer by the name of Nick is super-mellow while streaming. At some points, he stands up and leaves the screen, at others he imitates voices and catchphrases from games and moves. All this shows that he feels completely at home while streaming. The same goes for his really cool sense of humor that is always there, but which never becomes bitter or sarcastic or abusive, as it often happens in the gaming community.

Nick plays a range of games, going from RPGs to retro and brand new titles. On his channel you can see stream like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Hollow Knight, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Dark Souls. However, interestingly, he is also very into music from video games, which is why he runs a weekly podcast on the same subject as well on his channel. Throughout all of this, Nick is focused on spreading love and positivity and this is not an empty phrase for him. He truly emits this type of vibe and this should be reason enough to join his gaming and game music community, including his Discord server.

If you too enjoy watching cool gamers who play all manner of titles and examine the music that follows them, check out Nick’s Twitter account and sub his nicknamenick Twitch channel.