Twitch Stream Showcase: MrAnonymousOW

One of the most important but still often overlooked factors in the quality of gaming content is a sense of humor. Fortunately, the MrAnonymousOW Twitch stream and his creator seem to have plenty of that. Here is how this gamer describes himself on his Instagram profile:

“The sassiest all-around Korean-American, Hard of Hearing and bastard you'll ever meet in the Pacific Northwest.”

Now, you have to be at least a little bit cool to write something like that! As a 25-year-old, this gamer is into content creation primarily for fun and he approaches it in a casual manner. In fact, he aims to be the worst Apex Legends player of all time and I applaud this. In a time where many people take so many gaming approaches with a life-or-death seriousness, I’m refreshed when someone sees games as a source of good old fun.

However, this does not make him disinterested. He plays games like Rust, Call of Duty Zombies, Overwatch and of course, Apex Legends. In this battle royale game, MrAnonymousOW mainly plays Gibraltar and Bangalore. Also, while he is relatively new to Twitch, you can see plenty of his gaming content on his YouTube channel. Here, his wide range of content has almost one million cumulative views.

In other words, I have no doubt that he will find a great home on Twitch. If you too enjoy gaming as a source of fun and a laugh or two, you should follow MrAnonymousOW Twitch channel right now!