Twitch Stream Showcase: Maiinyx

There’s a degree of risk when you choose to specialize in any field, including gaming content creation. In the case of MaiinyxTwitch stream, its creator, a gamer called Alexander decided to take that risk. His content is all about Fortnite, which is still for all the good reasons the most popular game in the world. Not only that, but he is even more focused on the same title - Alexander is all about the competitive side of Fortnite where he currently has a semi-pro status. This makes him very effective in the game, especially when it comes to his trick shots. Below, you can see one of those precise moments in a great clip.

When it comes to Alexander himself, he’s currently working in Oslo as a chef. However, he is a true gaming soul ever since he remembers. In fact, Alexander has been playing games all of his life. Yet, interestingly enough, he always chose to play using consoles. He bought his first PC not that long ago - this only happened in March 2018. In spite of this, it doesn't take long for anyone to see that he has some impressive skills in Fortnite. Clearly, this does not cover only this game but shooters in general. This is why I would love to see Maiinyx branch out a bit into a different game as well. For example, Apex Legend seems like a great place to start with his shooter skill set.

It is also important to mention that Alexander has a very relaxed style of streaming. Often, especially in the competitive gaming domain, you see content creators trying to be insanely pumped in their streams. Alexander, on the other hand, seems cool and at ease with his gaming, which is great for anyone who is not into loud and high-strung content.

If you love Fortnite, head on to Maiinyx on this Twitter account to learn more about him and don’t forget to check out and follow Maiinyx Twitch channel!