Twitch Stream Showcase: Livexstar

If you like League of Legends, you’ll love the Livexstar Twitch stream - it is as simple as that. It is run by a passionate LoL player who clearly has the drive to share his gaming with the rest of the world. The man behind the nickname is Claudiu and he is from Romania, where he was born in 1998. Right now, however, he is working in Germany and there he’s creating his gaming content.

When you check out his streams and videos, you see that Claudiu has a very clear focus. His broadcasts are loaded with cool and very up-to-date music hits, while the content itself is super-focused on the pure gaming experience. This means that you won’t get to see rants, digressions and other things that are so often present in many Twitch stream and which have nothing to do with the actual game. Instead, here you will be able to enjoy the gameplay as you listened to a great music soundtrack.

The formula clearly works, as Claudiu is close to his 500th follower on Twitch. Also, as a content creator, he is well prepared for even more fans. This is mainly seen in his social media presence, where you can check out his Instagram, Facebook fan page but also his personal Facebook account. Besides these, he also has a YouTube gaming channel. All of these are an excellent means of supporting and promoting his primary Twitch presence. In the future, besides LoL, Claudiu is planning to stream CS:Go, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and PUBG. Having in mind his style of content creation, all of these games would fit in perfectly.

There is no doubt that Claudiu is just starting his gaming content creation career. Not only this, but he is also having a really good start as well. If you like to watch some excellent League of Legends action and you enjoy modern hit tunes, you simply have to subscribe to the Livexstar Twitch channel!