Twitch Stream Showcase: King_Latifah

The most impressive thing about the King_Latifah Twitch stream for me is the ease with which it draws you in. The channel belongs to a 28-year-old gamer from California who is relatively new to streaming, but who already has that something special that allowed him to attain almost 700 followers. He is playing mostly RPG and FPS games - right now, you can see him and his buddies shred Apex Legends. However, he is also open to other titles that catch his gaming eye.

Yet, the thing King_Latifah is especially open is the wider gaming community and you don’t need to watch more than a few minutes of one of his stream to figure this out. Whenever a new follower comes to his channel, he greets them in a very laid back but also sincere manner. He provides additional options for interaction in the stream’s chat, like challenging another gamer to a duel. All this shows that King_Latifah actually cares for his community and that’s a key element for any upcoming streamer.

If you want to get into the same cool gaming environment, follow him on his Twitter account and don’t forget to follow and sub King_Latifah Twitch channel!