Twitch Stream Showcase: KbytesEve

The KbytesEve Twitch stream belongs to a bilingual gamer who does his content in two languages - German and English. Based on the follower numbers, which are edging close to 300, he does this really well. The same fact can be easily seen if you watch just one of his videos or streams. It won’t take you long to figure out (no matter what language you use) that KbytesEve is an easy-going, friendly and most of all, funny guy. During the streams, he does quirky voices, laughs at things and shows in many other ways that he is feeling right at home while he broadcasts his gaming sessions.

When it comes to the games themselves, this streamer is mainly into League of Legends. He plays on an professional level, but even during bitterly contested matches, he remains relaxed and very approachable for anyone who joins his stream. At the same time, he is open to the community and more than willing to support other creators. This is the reason why you’ll see on his Twitch homepage a panel asking his fan to support a new YouTube creator. In my experience, the fact that he gives back to the community tells a lot of good things about him as a person.

If you like LoL, want to brush up on your German and generally enjoy great gaming content, follow and subscribe KbytesEve Twitch channel!