Twitch Stream Showcase: hampelwampe

There are likely two things you’ll notice when you check out the hampelwampe Twitch stream. Firstly, it features the German language as its primary one, but secondly and more importantly, you’ll probably notice its credo. It simply goes “gaming and chill”. Now, this is a simple message you can get even when you don’t speak German and I personally can fully get behind this slogan! The story of the man behind this Twitch stream begins some time ago, more precisely 34 years before in the city of Bremen. There, this gamer was born and there he grew up.

As a toddler, he got his first taste of gaming with the eternally fun and interesting NES console system. With the all-powerful Nintendo as his guiding gaming star, hampelwampe sailed right into some of the best gaming waters of the 1980s and 1990s. This did not stop when he got older, and NES got some great buddies with other consoles and PC gaming rigs. Today, hampelwampe jokingly believes that the only thing that did not improve in his gaming is his aim.

But, besides this joke, you can see that he is an easy going guy. Along with gaming, he likes cycling, food, football, and women. Again, like with the “gaming and chill” credo, I can get behind all of this as well! Currently, as far as his content concerned, hampelwampe is mostly about Overwatch streams. Yet, besides Overwatch, you can also see him play Anthem, Battlefield V, Apex Legends, and even some Jump Force.

When it comes to community, the channel is not taking any initiative. The whole hampelwampe setup on Twitch is about meeting and chilling with other gamers and this can be felt immediately on its home page. There’s a panel dedicated to many cool people he met so far, but also a sense he will meet many more in the months to come.

Do you love to chill and play cool games with cool people? Don’t waste a second more and check out his personal website and subscribe to his hampelwampe Twitch channel!