Twitch Stream Showcase: CaptCannoli

The CaptCannoli Twitch stream has one huge advantage over most other gaming content creators you can find on this platform. The man behind this stream is called Eric and he is trying the unthinkable - he’s trying to be, as he states, a “normal dude”. It might sound weird, but in the modern environment, especially the gaming domain, being normal became somewhat of a rarity.

Apart from being a gamer as long as he can remember, Eric is also a family man who is a husband and a dad. Furthermore, if you check out his Twitch biography panel, you’ll see that he loves gaming even though he doesn’t think he’s the best player in the world. Instead, he is into having fun both inside of games and with his audience.

Right now, you can see Eric playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and some old-school retro titles. As for his style of content creation, you can immediately see that Eric trully is there for the fun of it. He is relaxed and seems like a very open person. Naturally, this results in some cool and very natural-looking gaming content. You’d be hard pressed to claim he doesn’t do this well - he currently has almost 1700 followers.

Of course, Eric puts plenty of work into this process. Anyone who subs his channel for more than four months will get his custom Captains team shirt, no matter where in the world they live. This shows some serious commitment, just like the fact that CaptCannoli is on Twitter, Instagram, and his Discord server. He can even be reached directly through email on his xcaptcannolix (at) gmail (dot) com. Lastly, he is clearly focused on giving back to the community. A single point in the Rules panel of this channel greatly describes this idea:

“Don't be shy. Everyone started on Twitch as a lurker and eventually said their first PogChamp or Kappa and made a few friends, so feel free to do the same here.”

Twitch would be a much better place if more content creators had this kind of attitude. With that in mind, if you too want to become part of this cool and growing community, follow CaptCannoli Twitch channel right now!