The Audio Dungeon - The Perfect Comedy and DnD Blend!

If you ever played Dungeons and Dragons just for a little bit and even if you had that one friend who was super-serious about it, you still have to admit it - DnD sessions can often be insanely funny. I mean this in the best possible way and the crew of the Audio Dungeon show would most likely agree with me. This is a web series that was created with the purpose of making and playing hilarious and gripping RPG adventures, followed by live audio and even visual effects. The format of the show looks like this - the Dungeon Master is Tony Hanson, who is a music producer and studio owner in real life.

However, being that he is also a passionate DnD player from age eight, Tony leads a motley crew of like-minded people. Together, they play adventures that span everything from full campaigns like The Quest: The Celestial Wars or just do short improv ones where deranged superheroes try to stop a healthy-living maniac who wants to force everyone to drink kale soda. The results are hilariously amazing if you’re even a tiny bit into Dungeons and Dragons, it’s definitely something you should check out.

For more information about the Audio Dungeon, check out its Facebook fan page and Instagram account. However, if you really want to jump into an adventure with the Audio Dungeon merry band, head on to their YouTube channel, or go for the iTunes and Spotify podcasts!