Temporary Free on Android: Age of Civilizations Americas

I’m a big fan of all manner of strategy games, including those that marked my childhood, like Civilization II (for me, the best game ever made). That is why when there’s an Android game called Age of Civilizations Americas it gets my attention. On one hand, the title does seem a bit spammy, but on the other, hey - even a bad mobile clone of Civilization gets a shot in my book!

Grand Turn-Based Strategy Game

Łukasz Jakowski is the creator of this game and the same game developer made a range of similar titles, likely using the same basic engine and just adding content to it. The basic goal of this game is to dominate the world and you can do the same by conquering provinces in what looks like a Risk kind of setup. However, instead of mindless luck-based combat, this game offers an intricate economic and offensive/defensive setup. It offers little on the graphics side (the game is visually basically a map), but plenty in terms of mechanics and scenarios (or so it seems).

Right now, this premium strategy game that otherwise costs about $1.85 is free for the next 48 hours. If you’re into strategy games, it might be worth checking out Age of Civilizations Americas on Google Play!