Rocket.hs Review (Video)

Rocket.hs is a simple but really nice-looking game of obstacle avoidance in space. It was made by the Hardscope Studios and you can find it under the Action genre on Google Play. The same company is right now developing their My City.hs, which is a huge project that is going to be similar to Coin Master, but some interesting twists. This shows that Hardscope Studio is used to thinking big.
My first impression of the game is its incredible graphics. Like something from a really cool graphic novel, movie or famous game like Dead Space, Rocket.hs showcases some stunning visuals. These include the overall design of the entire game, including its menus and everything else. Somehow, the game manages to showcase a really solid overall atmosphere, which is not an easy task for a title that is otherwise this minimalistic.

The starships themselves are even better and they feature a level of design that would make even full-on PC or console titles jealous. In all, the graphics of the game are above and beyond the standard for this type of indie title.

The gameplay mechanics, however, are open to some improvements. In the game, the players are tasked with avoiding oncoming space objects by going to the sides of the screen. There are three lanes in which their spacecraft can be and the trick is to change these in the right time to achieve the biggest possible score.

Another update should resolve the issues related to some elements of this gameplay and when this happens, the game can become a true gem of space games. Check out my video of Rocket.hs.


Not completely there yet, Rocket.hs is still a game you should try out if for nothing else then its graphics and visual identity. Download the game right here from Google Play!