Rainbow Cube Jump: Happy Jumping & Bouncing World Review (Video)

Rainbow Cube Jump: Happy Jumping & Bouncing World might not be the shortest name in the world, which is why this game is also known as Rainbow Cubie. The game was created by Home4apps and it represents a really cool and small casua Androidl title. In the game, the players are tasked with controlling a simple cube-like character is a really colorful and minimalist environment. However, do not let the casual and simplistic design fool you - the game is more than engaging.

In the title, the players are tasked with an endless setup of cascading steps that their cube character needs to overcome. However, to do this, the players need to react fast and also to choose one of the two commands - a small jump and a big one. This might sound easy enough, but the actual gameplay process is more than challenging, while it somehow manages to remain engaged and never become tedious or frustrating. Check out my gameplay video of Rainbow Cubie below:

The more you play the game the more you figure out that it comes with some serious demands. These are not just hand-eye coordination, but ensuring that state of gaming flow where you can conquer the challenge in an smooth ride of your Cubie over the steps.In this sense, the game is more than addictive and playing it keeps getting more and more interesting. Of course, a big advantage for this play feel is the very unobtrusive music and the visual grove of the gameplay process.

As someone who works on making games, I know this is not an easy task my nay stretch of the imagination, but the Home4apps developers managed to pull it off.


Simple and very engaging endless casual jumping game with a great gameplay feel. Download Rainbow Cube Jump on Google Play right here!