Odd and Mysterious: Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements

Having a Breaking Bad game doesn't sound half-bad - after all, this series has been more than excellent during its heyday and remains a cult classic in the crime TV show genre. But, it appears that the same game is going to be a free-to-play strategy for mobile devices, which is not something I was expecting. Currently, the game entered its pre-registration period on Google Play, so let's check out what does it actually bring to the table in terms of story and gameplay.

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements Explained

The Google Play page lists the game as a strategy, but it's going to be, more precisely, a mobile device base building game. This means that the players will get a chance to lead Walter White and his criminal lab assistant Jesse Pinkman on a quest of getting a better drug product that will produce more profit.

The building process will begin with the famous VR where their first lab is born and then move to bigger and better locations. This will include adding equipment, getting resources and everything else needed for that Blue Sky crystal methamphetamine.

The current screenshots present a range of resources, including cash, chemical, bricks and golden Heisenberg coins (I'm guessing the game's premium currency). There's also a range of other features on the main gameplay screen, so it's likely going to include a bunch of stuff you can do as you build your lab and street cred.

The Story of Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements

The story will likely stay with the basic “build a bigger and better lab so you can earn more money to build a bigger and better lab”. However, the game will include a range of famous characters from the TV show. These will cover Mike Ehrmantraut, Gus Fring, and some additional and equally well-known faces.

All in all, the game looks like an incoming cash-trap for microtransactions, but everything else seems to be on a really high production standard. Check out the game on its official pre-registration page on Google Play.