Hot on Android: Metal Slug Infinity

When you hear that the Metal Slug franchise released a new game, you probably won’t think of an idle tapper as the possible genre. However, this is the precise thing that’s happening with Metal Slug Infinity: Idle Game. Maybe this doesn’t sound like a great idea to you, but many apparently (somewhat) disagree.

Free-to-Play Idle RPG in Metal Slug Universe

The game comes with the main franchise characters like Tarma, Marco, Eri and many additional ones. In the game, you send your team against waves of enemies, including the iconic ones like aliens, zombies and mummies. Visually, the game feels quite similar to its shooter titles of the past in all its side-scrolling 2D glory.

Also, there's clearly plenty of support in the Metal Slug community so the apk already has over 100k downloads. However, the ratings tell a different story. With over 8k reviews, the median rating is just 3.2 stars. The reviews mention a range of issues but the main one is the speed with which the action takes place.

But if you’re into Metal Slug, none of this will likely matter and you’ll want to try out the game for yourself. You can do that on the game’s Google Play Metal Slug Infinity: Idle Game page.