Hot on Android: The Little Acre

The point and click adventure by Curve Digital and Pewter Games recently had its debut on Android! The title came out at the end of 2016 and made a nice splash on Steam. There, PC gamers enjoyed it very much and it currently has 9/10 based on almost 250 reviews.

Visually Impressive Adventure

The game seems like a great throwback to the golden age of point and click adventures with some great graphics, solid voice acting and an original musical score. In fact, the game's visuals are based on hand-drawn artwork, which is always great to see. The game is not quite in the LucasArts league, but it still offers a very nice environment.

The plot revolves around a small village in the rural Ireland of the 1950s where a man, Aidan, goes to search for his missing father. However, he gets lost in a weird world and his small daughter Lily goes to find and rescue him.

If this sounds like something you'd like, check out the Little Acre Google Play page!