Hot on Android: Fortnite: Endgame

The new Avengers movie is unsurprisingly scorching hot and countless individuals are doing whatever they can to avoid spoilers before they get a chance to check it out. But, another juggernaut franchise in the gaming domain just hooked up with this Marvel universe - Fortnite. This is why the new LTM is here to celebrate the new movie and its most iconic villain superhero.

Fortnite: Endgame brings Thanos and a hunt for Infinity Stones

The game's LTM provides the players with a chance to join the biggest hunt in the Marvel universe - one for the Infinity Stones. They can either join Thanos or fight against him as you rush to reach all of the stones. Aside from this, the game update also brings about many of the famous Marvel weapons. These include the Adamantium shield of Captain America and the even more famous Thor's Hammer. Every one of these weapons can be used only one time during a match.

There's little doubt that the update will a huge hit with all of the Marvel fans and it showcases just another fact that Fortnite is again gaining an edge over Apex Legends. Check out the Fortnite: Endgame update on the Epic official website.