Grand Mountain Adventure Review (Video)

When you consider that this game is an indie title, you have to be at least a little bit impressed by the results. Grand Mountain Adventure features simple mechanics and a whole lot of dedication and attention to detail. In the game, you play as a skier on a busy mountain going about a series of challenges. At the same time, you play inside of a real physics-based system which still allows for tricks, jumps and many similar elements. Check out my Let’s Play of the game below:

The game looks and feels very detailed and thoroughly polished. From the tracks left by the skiers to the animations and the numerous things going on at the same mountain, the game provides a truly rich world that can be explored. For a skiing game for Android, the level of details is really almost stunningly high.

My only big issue with the game was the very small size of the player’s skiing avatar. On some slopes, having in mind the dynamic camera featured in the game, the whole character seems to be just a blob made out of a handful of pixels. But, once you play for a while, you quickly figure out that this is not a real issue at all. Instead, the game dynamic camera flows really well when the speeds pick up and the slopes get more demanding.


Smooth and very presentable in terms of its mechanics, Grand Mountain Adventure is a joy to play if you’re into skiing and sports games. Download the game on Google Play right here.