Full Metal Monsters Review

I can imagine how the idea for the Full Metal Monsters Android game came about - someone said something like this:

“So, this PvP battle arena thing is still going strong… how about if we didn’t use people or robots as characters - but robot dinosaurs!”

Naturally, being this is 2019, everyone at AI GAMES FZ game development studio loved it. The result is a title that is getting popular really fast and which is technically still under development. However, it can be downloaded and played - which is precisely what I did. However, for me, the results are kind of mixed, but lean more towards the negative side.

Full Metal Monsters Mayhem… almost

I’m sure this is how the game would love to be perceived - as total mayhem of dinosaur and heavy gun action. Unfortunately, while the promo art looks amazing, the game is not as impressive once you get into the matches. The player models are fine, but the first map I encountered was lacking in details and levels - dinosaurs can jump like crazy, but as far as I can tell, most if not all of the fighting takes place on the ground level(unless you get a flying beast).

This really takes its toll on an arena game that is not that complex when it comes to the action possibilities. Sure, there are loads of guns and loads of upgrades, but the actual fighting uses auto-aim and asks that the players keep their target in the crosshair while it does the rest. This is the linchpin that fails to hold this PvP game together, unlike, for example, War Wings.


Yes, you ride dinosaurs that are tricked out to be fighting robots, but the actual fighting uses an unengaging basic mechanic. Try out the Full Metal Monsters on Google Play!