Audio Dungeon - Your Go-To Place for all Dungeons and Dragons Fans!

Do you love Dungeons and Dragons? If yes, do you love all manner of audio content?

In the case of a "yes" answer, Audio Dungeon is the place for you and you probably never heard of it until now! This is a community of people who love the same things as you do and they decided to join forces to help each other out. Right now, Audio Dungeon is only starting out. Currently, it has its Hex Talk podcast up and running, which already features some really good DnD content - if you played a session of Dungeons and Dragons in your life, it's enough to listen for a few minutes and see that the Hex Talk (great name, by the way) know what they're talking about.

Aside from that, there will be plenty more stuff coming up. Users will be able to see a game calendar for all of their gaming needs, gain access to an online forum, as well as a dedicated wiki hub for players to share their notes, campaign info and much more. Of course, there are more podcasts that are inbound - these will be coming to your ears and brains in the coming period.

I love the fact that this community of players is proactive in sharing their take on DnD and also supporting one another in this process. This is why they already have a dedicated Discord server that’s more than active with almost 150 members. Thanks to all of this, if you’re even a bit into Dungeons and Dragons, you should check out Audio Dungeon right now!