Wacky Duels Review

Simple and effective, the Wacky Duels is an artillery game designed to be a fast and level-based series of challenges. The players control stationary characters on the opposite sides of the screen and engage in a pinball-like gun battle to see who can get hit and die first. Check out my Let’s Play of the same game right here:

As the game progresses, so do the challenges get tougher and more demanding. Also, with the abundant use of the ricochet element, the action feels almost (but not quite) feels like an environmental puzzle type of challenge.

With some cool cowboy pixel art graphics, a soundtrack that is not horrible (an otherwise tough thing for many indie teams), and engaging gameplay, the release is actually an impressive game for the small indie Lazy Goblins team.


Great first-time effort. Download Wacky Duels on Google Play right here!