Twitch Stream Showcase: VeteranGamerTV

Often, we tend to see gaming as nothing more than a really fun pastime. However, the VeteranGamerTV Twitch stream is a great reminder that games and communities around them can also be a powerful tool. In this case, the same tool is used to help and support the serving members of the US military and its allies.

The channel is just one aspect of this 3,000-strong community that includes members of the US Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard, as well as military spouses. Its purpose is to provide all of their members, as well as those thinking about joining with the support, healing, and welfare for both active members and veterans. Here, they can find Veteran-to-Veteran support as well as access to Chaplains.

In fact, the motto of the community is "Healing Wounds Through Gaming" and this is a great testament to the power of video games. As a psychologist, I understand the mental and emotional toll that comes with this role, but I also know well that overcoming bad experiences includes having strong social circles. It is fantastic to see individuals organizing in this manner and offering each other such crucial support. For the same purpose, the VeteranGamerTV also runs its dedicated website as well as a Discord server.

From a purely gaming side, the content they provide on Twitch is engaging and impressively organized (one look at their home page panels shows a military level of discipline and order. Currently, the channel features games like War Thunder, Metro Exodus and the really phenomenal (and not recognized enough) Escape From Tarkov. Here you can see that in spite of the serious purpose, their gameplay sessions are fun to watch and loaded with lighthearted humor. This alone shows what gaming together can mean for people, even if they are thousands of miles apart.

VeteranGamerTV is an important community and those who run it should be recognized for their efforts. You can stay in touch with them on their official Twitter account and don’t forget to follow the VeteranGamerTV Twitch channel!