Twitch Stream Showcase: SplyceHaven

The thing that I immediately like about the SplyceHaven Twitch stream is a sense of realness to the whole deal. This is especially true when it comes to the actual style of this streamer, also known as Spicey or Splyce. By being real, I mean precisely that - when I watch and listen to him, I don’t get a sense that he’s playing some kind of a role. Instead, he is simply being him: a person who is into gaming, fun, but also many other things as well.

You can see this in his Let’s Play of Tom Clancy's The Division 2, where he is playing the game and trying to both understand it (related to the first part) and experience it. At one point, he’s charging in while commenting that this is most likely not the best approach, even though he did win a firefight. I really dig this because it shows that when Splyce plays, he does it without any mental baggage that would hinder him. For me, too many gaming creators today get all wrapped into their roles and alter-egos. This was maybe refreshing years ago, but today, it’s the very opposite.

Luckily, Splyce has none of that. You can find games like the already mentioned Division 2, but also Borderlands 2, Splatoon 2, Anthem, and God of War. At the same time, he does Only Chat streams as well, where he openly talks about many different things, including issues like spending too much time on social media and neglecting some truly important things in his life.

Through all of this, Splyce objective remains the same: spread good vibes and motivation using his, as he called it, Radio Show approaches. His community is clearly reacting well to this, which is why he’s close to 500 followers and a dedicated Discord server.

If you too are looking to find a true and very real gaming content creation, stay in touch using his Twitter and Instagram accounts. But also don't forget to swing by his SplyceHaven Twitch channel right now!