Twitch Stream Showcase: Sirics

The main reason why you should start following Sirics Twitch stream is Fortnite. More precisely, do it to get the ability to see a professional Fortnite player who is on the verge of the big leagues. The channel belongs to an 18-year-old esports pro player who has so far participated in many tournaments. In fact, he was also in the Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series - for someone this young, the accomplishments stand on their own.

At the same time, Sirics is no stranger to the gaming content creation and especially content from Fortnite.  He plays on consoles, in this case primarily an Xbox. If you check out his Instagram account, you can see him in some exciting action clips. Here, you can see that Sirics is an expert builder, but also a player who is able to score some amazing kills. This proves he will be more than able to entertain anyone who is into Fortnite. However, he is planning to take all of that to the next level with his upcoming Twitch stream. There, he plans to showcase his skills but also share the game he loves with other gamers and spectators.

The thing I like about Sirics’ approach is the fact that he is taking his time. In the esports world of pro players, creating content is not just something you do on a whim. Instead, you have to plan your development and presence out, mainly because it has to be an important part of your career. Here, you can already see that Sirics is determined to approach this in the right way, slowly building his audience before he begins his actual content creation.

A career in gaming and esports is not something you should take lightly and Sirics shows how young athletes should take on this process. If you want to follow him on his exciting journey to Fortnite esports fame, start following the Sirics Twitch channel!