Twitch Stream Showcase: SannyZev

The SannyZev Twitch channel has yet to feature any content, but already, people are following it in large numbers. The reason for this is the fact that it will bring some top-tier action from a game that is none other than League of Legends. The gamer behind it has some very serious LoL background and might be a familiar tag to those who enjoy this insanely popular MOBA title. In fact, SannyZev peaked as Rank 10 on League of Legends North America server. Currently, SannyZev is Rank 20 at Europe West Server. Those are some major accomplishments for a game that is currently enjoyed by over 100 million active players.

If you’re a League of Legends player of a fan, you need to get SannyZev on your gaming radar. Follow his Twitter account for any new developments once the streams get going and of course, subscribe to the SannyZev Twitch channel!