Twitch Stream Showcase: RussinTV

The RussinTV Twitch stream is a great example of a gaming content creator who has a simple mission. In this case, the same mission comes from Fredrik or just Fred, based in Sweden who has been playing games since age six. Now, he just wants to share his enthusiasm and love of gaming and this way bring a bit of joy to the world. In the modern jaded online culture, this might produce some smirks, but I think it’s one of the purest motivations why anyone would want to become a content creator.

Fred might be new to the domain of streaming, but he’s already creating very engaging videos. He’s playing titles like Overwatch, Gang Beasts, and Sea of Thieves, while he also adds a bit of Nintendo titles like Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Mario Kart. When it comes to his style, he is very composed and sounds exceedingly friendly and inviting for both viewers and fellow streamers. A great showcase can be seen in one of his recent streams. There, because of a glitch, the video feed and game itself dies on him at one point - instead of raging or getting confused, he calmly keeps talking and keeps the show going.

I’m sure that his current 380-and-something followers are just the start of his streaming career. Another good example of the promise he shows is his Twitter account as well as a YouTube channel - they show Fred is also serious about long-term gaming content creation. If you’d like to check out some of his streams and videos, follow him on his RussinTV Twitch channel right now!