Twitch Stream Showcase: popilol99

Popilol99 Twitch stream is a new venture by all accounts, but one which shows a lot of promise. It is run by a guy from Sweden who’s only 19 but already has a job as a chef. However, while he’s not working on making delicious meals, this particular chef is building his Twitch channel, which already has over 350 followers. His main focus, at least at this point is Apex Legends.

The thing I really like about his streams is the fact that he plays in a smart and tactical manner - here, there's no rushing in blindly and shooting until you die. Instead, popilol99 marks out the enemies for his teammates uses special powers of his characters and plays in a way that is enjoyable to watch. You can tell that he’s thinking about the game and trying to apply his ideas. This is always interesting to see in an actual online match. In this regard, Apex Legends is an excellent choice for his channel.

If you dig this great battle royale game and smart gaming in general, stay in touch with this streamer's exploits on his Twitter account and don’t forget to follow the popilol99 Twitch stream!