Twitch Stream Showcase: Nismospoolin

If I was a man who's all about numbers, I would pitch you Nismospoolin stream like this - he's a verified Twitch streamer who has over 6,880 followers. In other words, he'll be hitting 7k in no time at all. As someone who follows the Twitch ecosystem, I know how big of an accomplishment that is. Gaining 1k followers shows you know what you're doing, but getting seven times that number tells more than you're on the verge of the big leagues.

But, I was never a numbers person, being that I suck at math. Instead of the follower numbers, I'll tell you what was my first impression of the streamer: his voice. With Nismospoolin (I say this as a former radio host) you can expect a syndicated radio DJ level of voice quality and smoothness of presentation. Of course, this is not a big surprise as this content creator has four years of top-level gaming under his belt. He’s also been on pro teams like BOT empire, Hammers E-Sports, World Best Gaming and more.

So far, his interests have mostly been directed at shooters and FPS games in general (even though you’ll be able to find things like WoW content as well). Recently, however, he switched to Apex Legends as is the central focus. There, he plays as Bloodhound main and so far has an impressive track record - 100 wins with 2000 kills.

But, the fact remains that Nismospoolin is simply fun to watch. He is polished and entertaining, yet also serious about the organizational and business side of being a full-time Twitch streamer. He runs active Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts, while you can also find him on TikTok under Nismospoolin.

I have zero doubts that this content creator will become a name people will recognize globally, especially related to Apex Legends. If you’re into this title and other shooters, or if you want to witness a streamer go supernova big, start following Nismospoolin Twitch channel!